Disability, Education and Poverty Project (DEPP)

Under the aegis of: Research Consortium on Educational Outcomes and Poverty (RECOUP)

Poverty often leads to inferior educational outcomes. Those outcomes in turn play a major role in determining the future incidence and extent of poverty. RECOUP studied the mechanisms that drive this cycle of deprivation, identifying the policies needed to ensure that educational outcomes benefit the disadvantaged.

Under DEPP the specific focus was to explore the educational outcomes of young people living in poverty in Ghana, Kenya, India and Pakistan. This cross-national project drew on the ‘Quality of Life’ literature and Amartya Sen’s capability approach to bring new theoretical insights into the conceptualisation of ‘disability’ and ‘educational outcomes’. Community based qualitative research with youth with disabilities and their families, living in poor (rural and urban) communities in the four countries, helped make sense of how education impacts on future life opportunities.


The RECOUP research team comprised three UK institutions and four from Africa and South Asia. More details  of the RECOUP team can be found here.

Duration: 2005-2010

Disability Specific Papers:

Working papers:

Policy Briefs:

A more comprehensive list of publications from arising from DEPP can be found here.

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