Participation for All? (PAL): School and post-school pathways of young people with functional disabilities in Sweden

The Participation for All (PAL) project focus is upon the schooling and the post-school situation of two groups of young people: young people who are deaf and those with ADHD. Major demographic changes have taken place in these two groups in Sweden since the turn of the century, with significant implications to their educational pathways in schools and transitions to post-school phases. Nearly all deaf toddlers receive cochlear implants (advanced hearing aids that are surgically implanted into the inner ear), and the number of children identified with ADHD has increased dramatically. While both groups have started leaving upper-secondary schools today, no systematic studies have focused upon the school and post-school situation of these groups in Sweden. The overarching concern in the PAL project is to generate knowledge that can contribute to enhancing the life spheres of people with functional disability.

This project aims to (i) map the current school placements for children and young people with the two types of functional disabilities (ii) study and identify key factors that enable a successful and meaningful transition to adulthood (iii) identify successful criteria for transition to adulthood for young people with functional disabilities based on a synthesis of international and Swedish research.

For more details about PAL, please click here.

Duration: 2017-ongoing

Funding body: Swedish Research Council

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